Mother DoveAbove all else, I am a blessed wife and proud mother of five angelic children. I believe thoughts are very powerful. Our thoughts and emotions shape our world and manifest into our daily lives. Everything is connected through energy and consciousness.

I realized at a very young age that I had been blessed with Innate Knowledge, Intuition, and Perceptive Dreams. All gifts that I consider sacred. In the beginning I used my abilities to raise my own spiritual awareness and later helping friends and loved ones do the same. I now work with thousands of clients throughout the world

I have spent many years studying and perfecting my abilities in Astrology, Dream Divination, Numerology, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and Tarot. I consider myself a steward to all of those that seek my help. I receive great honor by assisting others to grow spiritually and gain the insight needed to reach higher levels of their consciousness.

After all, this is a time in the Universe for unimaginable growth and understanding.

Many Blessings!

Mother Dove

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