Code of Ethics

    • Your well being is my main priority. All readings will be given in a genuine, honest, and compassionate manner.


    • I will honestly report what I see in every reading and will do my best to provide helpful interpretations of any card that may come up, positive or negative.


    • I will always conduct my readings in an empathetic and nonjudgmental manner. All are welcome here regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, beliefs, life-style, or cultural background.


    • I do not use Tarot cards as a fortune telling device. Instead, I use them as a tool to aid me in helping my clients understand their lives and gain insight into the situation in question.


    • I will ensure that my clients are aware that their actions may affect the outcome of any reading and that they know they have free will and the responsibility to exercise it.


    • I will not give legal, medical, or investment advice, nor any other professional advice for which I am not qualified.


    • I will not conduct readings on anyone other than the client, or any other reading which violates my personal ethics.


    • I will not read for any one under the age of 18, without parental consent.


    • I will do readings in such a way that they provide help and assistance to all involved. Readings will be compassionate and responsible, and will offer solutions to problems. If it is not possible to answer a question without actual or potential harm to the client or others, the question will be rephrased or the reading declined.


  • I will be prompt, honest, friendly, and respectful in all communications with my clients.

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